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With over 40 years manufacturing experience, our U.K plant produces an impressive range of woven brake linings for use on industrial and marine equipment.

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Woven Friction Materials

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Trimat produce and supply an impressive range of woven brake linings from our U.K factory. Our reputation for quality and service means Trimat brake linings are used across numerous industries and applications around the globe.

All materials are non-asbestos and available with or without a metallic inclusion. The use of high grade yarns such as Kevlar, Twaron and Panox together with our advanced resin technology ensure consistently high performance and durability.

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Products are offered in rolls, cut pieces, radiused linings, flat sheets, rings, segments and cone linings.

Below are listed our standard products, including specifically developed materials for oil immersed and other specialist environments. Other qualities are available or can be developed to meet your particular requirements.


of Friction
Max Temp
Max Temp

Data Sheet
GBCWoven (Brass) Wire inclusion0.48150°C230°CPDF Link
GZCWoven (Zinc) Wire Inclusion0.41150°C230°CPDF Link
CNBCotton Non Metallic0.6090°C130°CPDF Link
CNCCotton Non Metallic (Synthetic)0.45100°C175°CPDF Link
TBC-1Synthetic (for use in oil)0.09300°C400°CPDF Link
TNCSynthetic (for use in oil)0.08300°C400°CPDF Link