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Our UK produced friction materials are integral to the safe, efficient and reliable performance of material handling equipment around the globe.

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Material Handling

Trimat friction materials are at the heart of the efficient, accurate and reliable performance of material handling equipment including forklift trucks, stackers, order pickers, reach trucks, pallet trucks, conveyors and robot arms. To deliver safety and success in the enduring conditions of a fast moving modern warehouse or production facility, handling equipment must offer repeatable high quality performance and only critical components such as Trimat friction materials make that possible.

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Our products offer extensive benefits including:

Wear resistance providing longer service life.
High coefficient of friction formulations for maximum torque generation even on the smallest brakes.
Consistent torque whether it be static or dynamic.
Smoothness of operation, also offering protection to the mating surface.
No operational noise.

The Trimat range also includes formulations specially designed for chilled indoor and humid outside environments, where moisture can impact frictional performance in standard friction products by causing sticking.

Materials are available in bulk sheet form, as pressed or machined rings and can be supplied with the required metal work either using bonding or over-moulding methods.