chamfered, drilled, grooved, machined, stamped brake and friction lining

Our expertise in friction material machining, deliver consistently accurate brake and clutch components to precise tolerances.


The machining of friction materials is a specialised process. The naturally abrasive nature of the products generates high temperatures and can make it difficult to achieve fine tolerances and a desirable surface finish.

Surface condition is essential to the performance of friction materials and beyond machining, Trimat also have the capability of pre-conditioning (burnishing) to help accelerate the bedding in process.

machined friction components
machined brake linings, clutch parts
machined friction materials, friction parts, friction rings press blocks

In addition to providing precision machined friction materials we can also offer the supporting steel, aluminium or composite parts.

With 50 years of experience, Trimat is capable of producing friction components accurately and reliably. Our in-house inspection facility including CMM ensures products are supplied to customer specification.

Trimat machining services include, CNC milling, turning and milling, precision grinding, drilling, tapping and gear cutting.