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Our roll forming process produces consistently high quality flexible, moulded friction materials.

trimat roll-forming, roll formed brake lining

Roll Forming

When compared with traditional compression moulding, roll forming is an efficient and effective method of manufacturing rubber based brake and clutch materials.

Our capability of producing 330mm (13”) wide rolls and sheets, places us in the envious position of supplying wider products than our competitors, delivering the advantage of cost and waste reductions.

moulded roll brake lining, rubber based brake lining
rubber based friction material, flexible moulded roll
flexible brake band, flexible moulded roll linings

The Trimat roll formed product range includes a number of formulations that offer flexibility, high strength and excellent temperature capabilities.

Products can be supplied in both semi-cured and fully cured conditions to meet the clients specification.

Commission Roll Forming

Our recent investment in equipment has increased capacity, enabling us to explore commission roll forming opportunities for clients who may already have their own established friction formulation – please enquire!