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Our quality assured friction material mixing facility, includes lab and production scale options to satisfy any requirement, large or small.

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Friction Material Mixing

From our contemporary mixing facility, Trimat has the capability to satisfy your friction mix demands with two flexible and efficient approaches:

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Established proprietary friction material formulations available to suit a broad variety of brake and clutch applications. Our product range incorporates 40 years of research, development, innovation and know-how, combined with cutting edge raw material technology.
Significant stock of a wide variety of raw materials is maintained in a dry temperature controlled environment. Both small and large scale batches are available to suit your production requirements.

Commission Mixing

A fast turnaround can be provided on commission mixing. This service can save you time, money and disruption to your manufacturing schedules.
Mixes can be produced in any quantity appropriate to meet your research and development or production needs.

Full quality control measures provide traceability of raw materials and management of production processes.