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Our non-asbestos brake and clutch linings are established world leading materials, for use on the full range of marine applications.

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Marine Industry

Trimat asbestos free brake linings are fitted to the full range of marine braking applications, over 40 years of manufacturing experience and a huge reputation for quality products and service make Trimat the number one choice for the world’s major deck machinery and marine equipment manufacturers.

Whether it’s a heavy duty anchor windlass or a small mooring winch, Trimat manufacture woven brake lining solutions to suit. Our materials offer consistent high frictional performance whilst being kind to brake drums and boast a proven track record in the most extreme climates. Our woven GBC and CNB products are recommended for use in salt water environments and test data shows Trimat materials soaked in salt water for 48 hours perform within 90% of normal dry conditions. Both materials are available in either nominal 10 metre rolls or cut to length pieces to suit specific brake bands.

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Our roll formed products are widely used on deck cranes and harbour lifting equipment, while press moulded materials are produced for a wide variety of applications including engine shims and disc brake pads for propeller control and winch systems.

Rivets and machine screws are also available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your fitting requirements.

All products are available as ships spares and can be supplied next day to the port of your choice.