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Our asbestos free brake and clutch linings are installed on a wide variety of applications within the Oil and Gas Industry, providing reliable, safe and efficient performance in the most challenging conditions.

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Oil and Gas Industry

Established for many years within the oil and gas industry Trimat asbestos free friction solutions are supplied as original equipment and replacement spares for use on drawworks, winches and cranes. Our products are installed on land and off-shore drilling rigs, drill ships, workover rigs, pipe laying, dredging and heavy lift vessels.

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Drawwork Brake Blocks

Solid Woven Blocks: Available to suit all drawwork brands including Varco, National Oilwell, Continental Emsco, Dreco, Ideco, Gardner Denver.
Trimat Combat Brake Blocks: Developed in conjunction with National Oilwell, combat blocks are a unique hybrid woven/composite brake component, providing significant advantages over traditional woven brake blocks and removing the need for wiper blocks.

Drawwork Disc Brake Pads

Service-Dynamic and Park-Emergency Braking Systems: Available in a range of friction levels and configurations to suit any brake calliper design, our materials are of a non-metallic construction and contain an active flame retardant which behaves as a spark, smoke and afterglow suppressant. These vital characteristics assist clients to comply with the latest ATEX regulations.

Band Brake Linings

Woven: Available with a brass wire inclusion or non metallic formulation the materials can be supplied in rolls or cut pieces to suit individual requirements.
Roll Formed: Several different materials are available that offer a variety of mechanical and frictional properties.
Rigid Brake Blocks: Manufactured to customer specification, these products are produced from a broad range of materials that include medium to high frictional properties.

Friction Plate Brake and Clutches

Rigid Moulded: Produced from customer drawings or samples Trimat have a broad range of moulded friction materials that can be supplied in segment, disc or ring form.

Safety Clamp Insert Liners

Successfully used on inserts our materials provide high friction to improve grip and significantly reduce the potential of marking or damaging pipes, associated with traditional steel toothed inserts.