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Through understanding our responsibilities and operating with respect to our environment, we’re helping ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

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Sustainability & The Environment

As a manufacturer and employer, Trimat recognise our environmental, social and economic responsibilities.

We are committed to providing a clean and safe working environment, for the benefit of all employees/visitors and we are proud to encourage a culture of inclusivity and boast a diverse employee base.

Through focussing on high quality performance, we deliver products offering low noise and low wear characteristics, which enhance the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our customers brake/clutch systems.

Every element of the organisation is dedicated to continuously reducing our environmental impact, through manufacturing and supplying our friction materials in a sustainable manner:

Raw Materials

Our friction materials have been strictly non-asbestos since 1995 and the entire product range is both REACH and RoHS compliant.
We are progressively eradicating solvent based resins in favour of water based alternatives.
Our R&D department endeavour to source organic and sustainable raw materials, actively avoiding ingredients such as copper.
We are fully compliant with Conflict Mineral regulations.

Emissions & Air Quality

Since 2008 we have been running an oxidisation system as part of our curing process, emitting only warm air to atmosphere.
The air quality within our production facility is tested regularly and is well within the stringent Workplace Exposure Limits set by the U.K health and safety directive.

Recycling & Waste

Cardboard, steel, plastic, batteries and electrical items are all recycled.
Where possible, raw materials are re-milled and roll formed to avoid product waste.
All machined parts are precisely nested and combined to minimise waste.

Energy & Resource Conservation

Our production shift patterns are designed to minimise energy consumption.
Automatic lighting exists throughout the entire office block.
LED lighting is installed throughout both factory, laboratory and office spaces.
All staff, suppliers and customers are encouraged to “Think Before You Print” emails.
Paperless systems are encouraged and payslips are provided electronically.
Auto stop taps are fitted throughout the plant to reduce water consumption.

Transport & Packaging

We only utilise re-usable and standardised packaging.
Plastic packaging is discouraged wherever possible.
We purchase raw materials in bulk and keep significant stock to avoid multiple shipments and excessive transport.
Local suppliers are used wherever possible to reduce transport distances.
We hold large stocks of finished products, helping customers use more carbon efficient methods of transport such as sea freight.

To demonstrate these commitments we are now moving towards certifying our Environmental Management Plan to the recognised ISO 14001 standard.