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Our high performance friction products are deployed by military equipment, vehicle, aircraft and vessel producers, providing dependable performance in the harshest environments around the globe.

trimat, military industrial friction material

Military Industry

Trimat friction materials perform many critical tasks within military vehicles, aircraft, vessels and equipment. Chosen for their dependability and consistency, ensuring high performance in the often demanding conditions of military activity.

Whether installed on an armoured personnel carrier, mine sweeping equipment or an in-flight re-fuelling system, Trimat products have a key role to play in achieving operational success.

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Manufactured and supplied in many forms our friction product range can satisfy the myriad of brake and clutch types, including wet and dry designs utilized on slewing brakes, track brakes, drum brakes, steering brakes, transmission brakes/clutches, band brakes and hand brakes.

Materials can be supplied in any form to meet the requirements of the application, disc brake pads, brake and clutch linings, friction rings and segments.

Formulations include high specification raw materials Triton, Aramid, Kevlar and Panox where necessary, to increase the temperature resistance and durability demanded during mission.