Roll Formed Friction Material

Trimat manufacture a complete range of roll formed rubber based friction products, materials can be supplied in either flexible or rigid forms.

Semi-cured qualities are available ready for heat bonding to a desired radius or shape and products with rivet holding capacity are also available.

The Trimat range is non-asbestos and includes both non-metallic and metallic formulations offering a variety of friction levels and performance characteristics. Reliability and consistency are guaranteed thanks to over 20 years of manufacturing experience and the principal of using only the highest quality raw materials.

Rolls are supplied up to 12.7mm thick and 200mm wide, alternatively flat sheets are manufactured up to 330mm wide.

Products can also be supplied as rings, segments, radiused linings and cone linings to suit customer drawings.

Trimat MR2215, Trimat MR2220, D3915, D3920

Below are listed our standard products, other qualities are available or can be developed to meet your particular requirements.

Quality Reference Coefficient
of Friction
Temperature °C Data
MR8728  Fully Cured Flexible 0.46 250 350 Data Data
MR7032  Fully Cured Flexible 0.41 250 300 Data Data
MR2210  Fully Cured Rigid 0.42 250 325 Data Data
MR2215  Semi Cured Flexible 0.42 250 325 Data Data
MR2220  Semi Cured Flexible  0.53 250 350 Data Data

To view these data sheets you require Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available as a free download from

Trimat MR8728, Trimat MR7032, Trimat MR2210