Press Moulded Friction Materials

Trimat manufacture a range of organic and semi-metallic press moulded friction products. The range is non-asbestos and covers a wide selection of performance characteristics from low coefficient products for tensioning devices, through to high friction, heavy duty materials used in aircraft braking systems.

The entire production process from chemical mixing to pressing and CNC machining is conducted in-house at our UK factory. The control of our ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing system ensures we provide high quality materials which demonstrate consistently impressive strength and durability.

Products can be supplied in 600 x 600mm sheet form between 2—60mm thick, or alternatively materials can be manufactured to customer drawing as a finished brake component.

Trimat MN1081, fan clutch linings, D2011 equivalent

Below are listed our standard products, other qualities are available or can be developed to meet your particular requirements.

Quality Reference Coefficient
of Friction
Temperature °C Data
MN1042  Rigid Moulded 0.15 175 350 Data Data
MN1046  Rigid Moulded 0.37 300 400 Data Data
MN1050  Rigid Moulded 0.44 300 400 Data Data
MN1056  Rigid Moulded 0.35 300 350 Data Data
MN1070  Rigid Moulded 0.46 350 500 Data Data
MN1081  Rigid Moulded 0.42 250 650 Data Data
MN1185  Rigid Moulded 0.52 300 350 Data Data
MN2221  Rigid Moulded 0.53 250 350 Data Data

To view these data sheets you require Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available as a free download from

Gear cut rings and facings, press inserts