Elevator Industry

Supplied as original equipment to the worlds leading elevator and escalator manufacturers including Otis and Schindler, Trimat friction materials are extensively used on motor and traction brake applications within the elevator industry.

Close co-operation with the brake designers over many years has allowed the Trimat research and development facility to reach a clear understanding of the application requirements, this knowledge has resulted in the creation of a number of brake linings that have proven consistently successful in this field. The materials offer:

Trimat CNB, Trimat MR8728
  • Low Brake Noise
  • Consistent Frictional Performance
  • High Static Friction
  • Low Wear Rate

With a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality management system, Trimat manufactures and delivers high specification products that meet the stringent quality standards necessary for safety critical equipment.

The Trimat friction material range incorporates woven, moulded and roll formed materials that can be supplied to customer drawings inclusive of metal work if required. Alternatively the materials can be provided in bulk form i.e. rolls or sheets for machining to size locally.

Trimat MR2215, Trimat MR2058