Drive Technology

Trimat friction materials are specified on a wide range of electromagnetic brakes and clutches. The high quality of our products ensures consistent frictional and mechanical performance, fundamental to application efficiency, safety, longevity and accuracy.

Drive Technology

We produce both rubber (wet mix) and resin (dry mix) formulations offering a variety of characteristics to suit customer applications, benefits include:

  • High speed capability – Proven up to 90 m/s
  • Thermal stability – Offering high stable dynamic torque for short emergency stops
  • High static friction for holding brakes
  • High wear resistance for applications with extensive life cycles
  • Low noise
  • Non-stick formulations for humid environments

   Drive Technology Drive Technology

Working in co-operation with original equipment manufacturers, Trimat is assisting clients to find solutions specific to the demands of their equipment, this includes developing be-spoke friction material formulations.

Products can be supplied pressed or machined as single components or alternatively as part of a bonded/pressed assembly including metal carrier, dependant on customer preference.



Drive technology - motion control and power transmission