Agricultural Industry

Trimat friction materials are supplied on a broad spectrum of machinery and vehicles used within the agricultural industry, typical applications include:

  • Forestry and logging winches
  • Manure and salt spreading equipment
  • Timber cranes
  • Harvesters
  • Sugar centrifuges
  • Grass cutting apparatus
  • Tractors


The full range of friction products manufactured by Trimat incorporating woven, press moulded and roll formed materials are employed on the various brake and clutch designs used within this industry. Our materials can be produced specifically to customer drawings and supplied as an independent friction component or as part of a brake assembly. Alternatively our products are available in roll and sheet form.


  Press moulded brake linings Crane brake linings, hoist brake linings

All Trimat products are non-asbestos and manufactured within our ISO9001:2008 quality approved management system. With a well-founded reputation for quality, Trimat friction materials provide enhanced stable performance, reliability and durability offering the benefit of improved productivity and reduced down time to our customers.

Agricultural friction materials